Kaapse Story

The best Rotterdam beer in the world

Hi there!

We are Kaapse Brouwers. We are the brewers who introduced craft beer to Rotterdam, and Rotterdam to the world.

With our Kaapse recipes we brew non-conformist beers. We choose for bold recipes and love to experiment with different flavors to create contemporary craft beers. In our bar Kaapse Kaap (Fenix ​​Food Factory) you can taste our different beers from draft. At Kaapse Maria, a modern buvette, we go for surprising dishes in combination with craft beer. This is how the world gets to know distinctive flavors from our Rotterdam home base!

Kaapse Kaap is part of the Fenix ​​Food Factory: a collection of culinary entrepreneurs with a passion for craft and fair products. Coffee, cheese, beer, and so much more is produced and sold locally.  Created to evoke a taste revolution in Rotterdam and to show how strong entrepreneurship can lead to extraordinary results.



Tsjomme Zijlstra, founder of Kaapse Brouwers, is actually a Philosophy graduate, but discovered during his job at the very first Craft beer bar in England (The Rake) that he wanted to delve more into the world of beer.

Back in the Netherlands he started brewing at home, but soon got in touch with the owners of brewery De Molen.
They taught him the tricks of the brewing trade! With the help of a compact brewing system that wasn’t currently used at De Molen as a set-up, Kaapse Brouwers came to live.

With the desire to go bigger, Tsjomme then collaborated with some other entrepreneurs and the council of Rotterdam to get the Fenix Food Factory started in the oldest warehouse of Europe. Their plan was to create a Foodhall with locally produced food and drinks and this became the first home of Kaapse Brouwers as Microbrewery and bar. Subsequently, in collaboration with Genevieve Vachon, there came an expansion of the brand with Gastropub Kaapse Maria (Rotterdam Center) and now there is a fully independent brewery in the iconic Keiledistrict in Rotterdam West, with Etienne Vermeulen as head brewer. At the beginning of next year, the Kaapse Willn’s bar will be added!