Kaapse Art x Kaapse Maria

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This coming year, many exhibitions will be on view at Kaapse Maria. The goal is to give young creatives from Rotterdam the opportunity to gain visibility in this beautiful old building. At the same time, it is a chance for the Kaapse Maria guests to enjoy the art that Rotterdam has to offer.

The art you see here is also for sale. Please contact the artists to inquire about this! Contact information can be found below.

Nicky Rijks is this year’s curator. She noticed that after graduation, many artists missed the routine and stability of their time at the art academy, and no longer encountered their peers on a daily basis. Therefore, the goal is to make Kaapse Maria a new meeting place for young creative people. Nicky is a freelance curator working in Rotterdam.

Are you an artist and would you also like to exhibit at Kaapse Maria? Contact Nicky at exhibitions@kaapsebrouwers.nl.


On show as of September 25th


Jur Costanza
What is always recognizable in Jur Costanza’s (1993) works is an organized chaos. We see colourful and playful compositions, but to make these he works very systematically and mathematically. Jur draws inspiration from his own childhood memories and his imagination, but the scene is not immediately recognizable. Instead, he wants the viewer to come to their own interpretation. In his most recent works Jur uses the techniques of painting and tufting together, a combination not often seen together. The result is an exciting and playful exchange.

Contact Jur: jurcostanza@gmail.com
Instagram: jur.costanza

Olenka Limburg
In Olenka Limburg’s practice, she shares her inner world with the viewer. In the making process, honesty is the most important factor as she draws from her own experience and emotions. Zaligheid (Bliss) is an ongoing series that began with her graduation project Ode to Sorrow; an installation that focused on embracing grief and not suppressing sorrow. Zaligheid is about small, blissful moments like the sun on your face, or doing a headstand under water. However, these moments always come to an end. In this case at Kaapse Maria, Olenka makes them everlasting.

Contact Olenka: oeloenkoe@gmail.com
Instagram: oeloenkoe.koenst

Sofie van Thiel
In the past years, Sofie van Thiel has gained a unique and personal approach to painting. With no precise image in mind when she begins with a work, she lets the canvas materials and paint guide her in her practice. Colour and movement are important elements in her practice and the result is always an expressive and emotive piece. Special about this selection of works by Sofie are the addition of the small paintings which have never been displayed before. These show her experimentation and the progression in her painting practice.

Contact Sofie: sevanthiel@gmail.com
Instagram: sofievthiel