Kaapse Karloffs

The best Rotterdam beer in the world

De Karloff serie zijn de experimentele bieren die met onze brouwinstallatie op De Kaap worden gebrouwen. Hier experimenteren we met een velerlei ingrediënten en technieken om tot nieuwe, uitdagende smaken te komen.

De bieren worden in kleine hoeveelheden gebrouwen en zijn vervolgens te proeven van de tap. Sommige bieren uit de Karloff serie zijn ook al in het groot gebrouwen, zoals de Leen en de Tess. Kijk hieronder welke er onlangs gebrouwen is en op tap staat!

Nonkel Kaapse

Hipster Double - ABV: 8,0% IBU: 15

This beer we brewed together with no less than five Flemish breweries (Dok Brewing Compagny, Hedonis, ‘t Verzet, Siphon & Tottem) and our neighbours from Stroop gave us some nice ‘Pepernoten’ spices. So we could consider this brew as an über-collab.

Kaapse Grettir

Barleywine - ABV: 10,2% IBU: 25

We brewed this big beer with Borg brewing from Iceland. They brought over a native herb called Arctic Thyme, which adds a nice minty flavour to this hefty Barleywine. Especially brewed for Barleywine Fest 2018.

Kaapse Ronja

Göse - ABV: 5,5% IBU: 15

This classic Göse is brewed together with the guys from Stigbergets from Göteborg (Sweden). The sent over some traditional Fjällfil (Swedish dairy product), which we used to kettle sour the wort. Which has resulted in a very refreshing beer.

Kaapse Pat & Mat

Peachy Double New England IPA - ABV: 8,5% IBU:20

This bold flavoured beer, is brewed with some Corn grits we got from our neighbor Codrico. Adding some smooth sweetness to this fruity and juicy ode to peach.

Kaapse Jimmie 2018

Imperial Farmhouse Ale - ABV: 10,5 IBU: 30

Brewed in honour of our Australian friend Jimmy ‘no worries’ Krekelberg, we now brew this strong beer annually at the end of summer, to have something to sip on during the colder part of the year.

Kaapse Bertus 2018

Imperial Brown Ale - ABV: 10,5% - IBU: 40

One of the first recipe’s brewed at Kaapse, and the first recipe from our head brewer. Although, the 2018 desert edition has some added caramel and walnut flavouring just for fun.