Kaapse Groups

The best Rotterdam beer in the world

What do an eighty-year jubilee, your aunt’s birthday and a zero’s party have in common? These parties are all much more enjoyable and a lot less awkward with good beer.

With over 20 different beers on draft, you should be fine. In addition, we have different kinds of lemonades for the little ones and there is also wine for those who don’t drink beer.

If you’re hungry you can choose classic Dutch cheese and sausage products at the Proeflokaal, while at Kaapse Maria you can go for special small Asian dishes.

Kaapse Maria

At Kaapse Maria, in the centre of Rotterdam, you can have drinks in a cozy, homely atmosphere. With 24 beers on tap, a large selection of natural wine, home made lemonades, and other special drinks you’re all set to have a great evening.

For a nice snack you can look at the menu. Expect beautiful Asian-oriented dishes such as edamame, sushi or dumplings.

Pay attention! You can book here for drinks, not for dinner! To reserve a table for dinner at Kaapse Maria you can send us an email to info@kaapsemaria.nl. Reservations can be made from 8 people. If you’re less than 8 people, you can just walk in.

Kaapse Proeflokaal

At the Proeflokaal in Katendrecht you can relive the atmosphere of rugged sailors and jazz. With thirty beers on tap, different lemonades and wine, you’ll be just fine.

If you’re hungry and want to try some classic Dutch cheese and sausage products, we will contact our neighbors Bijten and Booij. They know just as much about good food as we do about beer.

Pay attention! You can book here for drinks, not for dinner! At the Kaapse Brewpub you can’t reserve a table. Just walk in, there’s always room.

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Use this form to directly book for a group. Your reservation is final once you received a confirmation from us.

Terms and conditions

  • Use the form below to make a reservation.
  • Pay attention! A reservation is only definitive if you have received a confirmation by mail!
  • There is a minimum of 20 people for a reservation.
  • Kaapse Maria does not take reservations on Friday.
  • Kaapse Proeflokaal does not take reservations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To hire a space in the Fenix Food Factory you can contact zaak.acht (info@zaakachtrotterdam.nl).
  • Can’t figure it out or do you have other questions? Mail us at info@kaapsebrouwers.nl