Kaapse Venues

The best Rotterdam beer in the world

Kaapse Kaap/Bottleshop

Kaapse Kaap is our new bar at the Fenix Food Factory!
We have over 20 craft beers on draft, from our own brewery but also from interesting breweries all over the world!

Currently you can get all beers from draft in a crowler and take them home! Next to that we turned the whole bar in to a giant bottleshop! Ofcourse you can get all Kaapse beers but also lots of other stuff from breweries around the world!

Opening hours:
Tue – Sun 10:00 – 18:00

On Mondays we are closed.


Kaapse Maria

Set in a historic building, the Kaapse Maria is the venture of the Kaapse brouwers in the city center. Here you will find delicious, surprising and creative food while being spoiled with craft beer, natural wines and other products, which are the fruit of collaborations with chefs, bars and shops in and around Rotterdam. This modern buvette not only extends the meaning of craft to its 24 beer taps, but also to its kitchen and design. The Kaapse Maria is for everyone at anytime because getting together always needs food and drinks.

Currently you can get delicious munchie boxes at Kaapse Maria, click here for more info!

Next to that we have delicious beers and natural wines to take home!

Opening hours
Thu – Sat 10:00 til 18.00


Since February 2020 our brewery is located at Keilestraat 9 in Rotterdam.
We are super happy that our whole production is completely local now and that we are fully independent!

Read more about our independence via this link

On fridays you can also come by the brewery to pick up some beers!

We are open from 10:00 – 16:00!