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Here you can find job openings and read a description of what we are looking for and how to apply.

Kaapse Brouwers is a diverse, challenging and varied workplace. We have a range of positions and room for growth within our organisation. We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and dynamic individuals with a passion for great beer and food.

Want to work with us at the brewery, Kaapse Maria, Kaapse Kaap or Kaapse Will’ns? Then please send your CV with a letter of motivation to: jobs@kaapsebrouwers.nl

Kaapse Brouwers Brewery – Job Offer – April 2021:


Company Description 

We are looking for new members to supplement our brewery team. In our new, compact brewery we work with a small team that is responsible for every step of the process from grain to glass. At the Kaapse Brouwers we brew a diverse array of beer styles and strive to brew the best Rotterdam Beer in the World. 

Job Description 

As All-Round Brewer you are able to independently brew on a manual brewhouse, operate a semi-automatic canning-line and plan and execute cellar & lab work in between tasks. Your are able to work according to set standards and specifications.
Job-tasks include but are not limited to all aspects of raw materials handling, milling of grain, wort production, fermentation monitoring, yeast handling and pitching, clarification, transfer and carbonation of finished beer, equipment CIP and general sanitation. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Brewing independently. 
  • Packaging beer in kegs, cans and bottles. 
  • General cellar-work such as equipment CIP, yeast purging and dry-hopping of beers. 
  • Lab work such as monitoring fermentations, yeast counting and VDK-tests. 
  • Thinking along with continuous improvement of product and process. 

Job requirements 

We are looking for somebody who is passionate about craft beer, hard working and willing to brew the best Rotterdam beer in the world. This means you are able to manage the production process while keeping focus on improving the beer quality.
You have a solid understanding of the brewing proces and brewing equipment and at least one year relevant experience in a craft brewery. You are able to work in a structured, clean and thorough manner. You are accustomed to working to Standard Operating Procedures, HACCP and Hygiene-code requirements. 

You have strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate both verbal & in writing. You possess strong problem-solving skills and have a high tolerance for change and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. 

The following points are considered as a plus: 

  • Experience in barrel ageing of beer. 
  • Experience in canning of beer. 
  • Experience in beer specific lab work. 
  • Any formal training in beer or brewing. 
  • A Forklift certificate 
  • A valid driving licence

How to apply: Please send your CV with a letter of motivation to jobs@kaapsebrouwers.nl